Wedding Day Party on the Racing Partybus

It’s a tough job to organise your wedding. Keeping all ages and all types of folks happy and entertained for a long time is hard, especially when you want a moment to enjoy your big day too.

Racing Partybus doesn’t just create a mild diversion during those unavoidable little gaps in the day, it makes them a brilliant part of the event, so that your guests have fun, feel really looked after and go home knowing that they’ve had the best day ever – all thanks to you.

The Partybus is a little bit of something that the groom can enjoy too…let’s face it a wedding is usually all about the bride: the dress, the hair, the flowers, the shoes – it’s super girly. So, If your groom loves fast cars, give him the best present ever (after your hand in marriage of course) and let him and his boys* loose in the Racing Partybus. Success is on the cards if you start as you mean to go on**

Racing Partybus Wedding Party Maidstone





Have a look at our recommended party packages designed with all ages, skill levels and big fun factor in mind. Or contact us to discuss your requirements.


*Or you could challenge him to a head-to-head race – bride against groom

**The Racing Partybus is not a 100% guarantee of a long and happy marriage, but hey – we reckon it’ll really help.


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