Terms and Conditions

When you book a Racing Partybus party you are ensured of our full commitment to your enjoyment at your party. We may ask you to sign a copy of these terms when you book your party, so please read carefully and contact us to clarify anything you are not sure of and remember – the rules will keep you and your party goers safe and make sure everyone has a brilliant time.

Site Survey

Before we finalise your booking you may wish us visit you to conduct a site survey so we can make sure the Racing Partybus can safely and conveniently be parked and hooked up for your party.

Please choose the site where you would like your party held carefully. We can hold the party at the roadside where we will need space to park the Party Bus. Please ensure that there will be two large parking spaces together available when we arrive. If you would like the party to be held in a driveway or on other ground please be sure that there is access to get the bus in, possibly turn it around, and get out again. Also ensure that a driveway is able to take the weight of the Party Bus. The bus weighs 3.5 tonnes and private driveways may not be designed for that weight.

Please tell us of any low bridges, narrow or unmade lanes or roads on the way to your party site. Remember it is bus! It is tall and wide. If we are unable to reach the party site due to access problems for the Party Bus that we were not told about in advance we would unfortunately not be able to refund the party fees.

If you are unsure of the access or party site please contact us for advice.


Booking and payment

We accept direct bank transfer and cheques. Full receipts and invoices can be supplied for corporate functions.

To secure a booking we require a deposit of £50 and the balance to be paid two week before your event. Failure to make final payment may result in you losing your booking.

On the bus rules

These are here to protect you, the bus, the equipment and our crew. Please allow us to make your party brilliant by sticking to them and following the requests of your race host.

No smoking, food or drink on the bus; you won’t have time for that anyway – you’ll be racing.

We will charge you to repair or replace if one of your partygoers wilfully damages or is excessively harsh in their treatment of the bus and its contents. CCTV is constantly recording.

Bad behaviour, violence and aggression will result in ejection of that partygoer and may mean we need to stop the party immediately. If this happens we will retain all fees.

For the safety of you and your guests we reserve the right to refuse entry to the bus if we think a person is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption.

The Racing Partybus weighs 3.5 tonnes and most domestic driveways are designed to take this weight and more. At the site survey, if we think there may be a problem we will alert you, but it is your responsibility to take advice from a qualified person and to ensure the site is suitable. We cannot be held responsible for damage to the party site that occurs because of the bus, our crew or your partygoers.

Most of our parties are not age restricted, but please discuss your concerns if you have a wide age range at your event or have mainly young children. We do not accept bookings for parties where the majority of children are under seven years old.

Age rating on the games is your responsibility to  check with all parents prior as is to check for any medical conditions that may be affected by the party.

We will help you choose the party that is most appropriate for your party goers but the responsibility to gain permission from parents and/or guardians remains yours.

Although every effort is made to keep the Racing Partybus safe, clean and in accordance with Health & Safety requirements: however, anyone entering the Racing Partybus does so at their own risk.

The Racing Partybus has full Public Liability Insurance and its crew all hold an up to date enhanced CRB check.

Cancellation by you or us

If the bus is unable to attend a booking due to mechanical breakdown adverse weather conditions or illness of the Racing Partybus team, a refund shall be paid of the full party fees including the booking fee.

If the party is cancelled by the hirer before the full party fees are due only the deposit is not refundable.

If the party is cancelled by the hirer seven days or less before the party date then the fees are not refundable.

If we are unable to reach the party site due to access problems for the Party Bus that we were not told about in advance the party fees are not reundable.

In the event of any cancellation, whatever the cause, Racing Partybus is only liable for the hiring costs of the Party Bus and cannot be held responsible for any other costs.

Force Majeure and not so Majeure

Major technical failure of the bus or its equipment will result in a full refund or an alternative date being offered, whichever you prefer.

If the bus suffers minor technical failure that is repaired during your party we will make every effort to continue with the full party time and format arranged, but retain the right to stop at the pre-arranged time should we have a booking after you. We will return a portion of the money paid if you receive less than your full party time booked.

Although we do our best to arrive on time, sometimes traffic gets in the way. In the event of late arrival we will endeavour to commit to the full party time, but reserve the right to stop at the pre-arranged time if we are have another booking after you.

We will do everything we can to ensure you receive a full party package and always allow plenty of travel time between bookings to ensure this is the case.


During your Racing Partybus party we may take photographs and/or film your session for possible inclusion in our promotional material in printed or digital form including but not limited to flyers, brochures, website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
If you would prefer that we do not include you or your guests please let us know at the time of booking or when your party starts.
We encourage you to take photographs and record videos of your party and are happy for you to post them to our Facebook Page and use them for your personal enjoyment. You are responsible for getting your guests permission to do this.

In the event of any dissatisfaction please let us know. We welcome all feedback as it will help us improve our service. You can speak to us on 07379 711711; email us at info@racingpartybus.com


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