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Booking your Racing Partybus party is so easy – the party menu has something for every age, ability and interest. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which party is right for you and your guests – before we confirm your booking we will help you pick the party that will keep everyone happy. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Powered up Party

A racing game like no other – stunning cars and great tracks in locations you’ve heard of: Hackney, Brighton, LA, New York and Tokyo to name a few.

On top of that you have the ‘Power-ups’ – lay a mine, barge your opponents outta your way and even send a huge lightning strike to the front of the pack…you’ll have to play to find out what that gets you.

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Great for all ages and perfect for weddings, birthdays, fun days and functions with big age and ability range.

Difficulty: Easy

Mean Streets, Beautiful Wheels Party

If you’re into cars then this is your game – Set in LA and containing some of the fastest and most beautiful cars of the last 40 years…boys and their toys…

Easy handling means this is great for team building days, car enthusiast weddings, boy (and girl) racer birthday parties and more.

 Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Formula One Track Day Party

A must for anyone into Formula One racing. Racing seats with real road feedback, super sensitive steering and racing pedals – you’ll get as close to the real thing without meeting the inside of a car.

One for the serious racers out there – could that be you?

A great way to start your stag night, for a petrol head birthday and for challenging team-building days.

 Difficulty: Can be changed from Medium to Hard or Very Hard if you are feeling brave!

Rally Up Party

This game is rallying on the dark side! Head to head racing, capture the flag tournaments, traditional rallying and crazy party modes. Part super boy (or girl) racer skills, part mayhem.

This party rocks out at birthdays, stag and team building events.

 Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Real Racing Party!

You are in complete control of your car as you speed around the track, but watch out for the crashes – they are always huge in this ultra realistic race party; a must for true racing gamers who will know and love this challenging game and are super competitive.

Birthdays, race nights, stag parties all love this high octane party.

 Difficulty: Hard to Very Hard

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