Q: Will the Racing Partybus be able to operate at my home?

A: Once you have reserved your party date and time we will carry out a site survey to ensure that we have the appropriate space in which to operate, this could be as simple as taking a look on Google Earth. Alternatives are often available so your Racingbus Party can go ahead even if your driveway is not suitable: adjacent street parking, other public spaces or even local pubs and cafes can usually be found.

Q: Do I need to provide anything?

A: Just access to a couple of power points. We have long connecting cables of almost 20 meters so we can usually reach a handy couple of sockets. And, if that’s not possible, we’ll power the bus from our own generator (surcharge will apply). We’ll sort all this out with you beforehand though.

Q: How do I know which party theme is best for me?

A: Once you have reserved your party date and time we will advise you on the party theme that will go down best with your guests. We will take account of the ages of the partygoers and their likely level of gaming expertise (from none-at-all to very!) to help you choose the best set-up.

Q: Can I choose more than one party theme?

A: This is quite possible, but change-overs from one theme to another take around 10 minutes and this will be part of the standard 90-minute party time. You will all be having too much fun to want to change theme anyway.

Q: What’s the ideal number of guests for a party?

A: From five to twenty. The Racing Partybus is really flexible in this respect. Five players can enjoy a variety of racing styles over ninety minutes. Up to twenty players can be organised into grids of five with heats, semi-finals and a Grand Final. Or we can tailor an event to suit your guests. My favourite number of gamers on the truck is 10 though, its the perfect number for a great party.

Q: Should all the players be of similar age?

A: If they are, watch the adrenalin flow! But we find that a mix of ages can be just as much fun: children love to take on their parents and grandparents just as much as parents, particularly dads, want to show they can cut it on the track. It really can be a party for all the family.

Q: Can I have longer than 90 minutes?

A: Our standard – and minimum – party time is 90 minutes which is plenty enough adrenalin for most partygoers! However, we can extend our time with you in 30 minute blocks if booked in advance. Rates available on application.

Q: When do I have to pay?

A: A deposit of £50 is required to reserve your party date and time. (Entirely refundable if our site survey proves it impossible for our Gaming Truck to operate there.) The remainder of the fee is payable two weeks prior to the party itself. For refunds and cancellations please consult our general Terms and Conditions.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept cheques and online bank transfers.

Q: What do I get for my money?

A: A bunch of very happy and excited guests! The 90-minute party can be fully structured to include heats, semi-finals and a final; or it can be left open to players to compete against each other in groups as they like. We will agree this with you beforehand. Special Racing Partybus invitations will be made available to help you publicise your party. And the Racing Partybus champion will receive a unique winner’s medal and lanyard to commemorate their achievement.

Q: What if it’s raining?

A: That’s the beauty of the Racing Partybus – it’s an all-weather party machine. So even if the weather is foul, the entertainment can go on.



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