You don’t have to be a child to party on Racing Partybus, adults have just as much fun tearing around our virtual tracks so if you are looking for party ideas or something different for you and your mates to do, look no further . Serious gamers and novice drivers will love playing Adult Party on Racing Partybusagainst their mates in real time! Five race at any one time with enough room for a load more mates on board, watching the action!


It’s competitive, fast-paced and fun and everyone gets to play. The big question is…

…how much do you want to win? A place on the leader board awaits the grand champion of your race party.

Racing Partybus comes to you at your party venue so whether you want to party on your driveway or you want us to meet you down the pub its all good, there are no drink driving laws on here!

Before you book your party choose your theme – from hyper real single seat racing to fire spitting rally romps. Contact us or click on the party themes to check out what’s on offer and get your big night out started with a bang.

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